Use Zapier to Trigger an Ordermation for Automated Ordering

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July 2021

Zapier and Ordermate are online tools that make it easy to automate repetitive ordering by simply setting up a few workflows.

Use Zapier to Trigger an Ordermation for Automated Ordering

Automation in your business or personal life can save you time, money, and energy. But is it possible to automate processes that in the past have always required manually ordering products and supplies through retailers? The answer is yes, thanks to two simple (and free) tools.

Ordermate and Zapier work together to create a system that streamlines your workflow and reduces the number of menial ordering tasks in your life or business. Plus, since Zapier already works with over 3,000 of the world's most popular apps, there’s a good chance you will be able to integrate your existing apps to Ordermate.

How Our Automated Ordering System Works

Zapier and Ordermate are online tools that make it easy to automate repetitive ordering by simply setting up a few workflows in advance. Set up and integrate the apps once and never worry about running out of your mostly used items again. With Zapier and Ordermate you’re able to choose the items to order from select retailers and build custom triggers to automatically initiate orders of these products.

Some example use cases of Zapier and Ordermate working together with your other apps:

Generate orders in Ordermate from new records in view in Airtable

If you have a view in Airtable that is dedicated to records that need fulfilled by automatically creating an order, this integration will be a perfect fit for you. Once set up, when new records are fall into the selected view in Airtable, Zapier will automatically create a new order with Ordermate. Automatically buy items with Ordermate right from your Airtable database!

Add New Shopify Orders to Ordermate

Use Ordermate to automatically buy a product on Amazon and ship it to your customer when you make a new sale on Shopify. Create an ordermation in Ordermate that matches to the product you want to automatically buy when that product is sold on your Shopify store.

Create orders in Ordermate from new Typeform entries

Activate this integration to stay effortlessly responsive to new Typeform submissions. For example, this Zap lets you use Ordermate to automatically order a book from Amazon to send to your client when they fill out your Typeform survey. This integration lets you easily deliver a more personal touch than a gift card!

Produce orders in Ordermate when new rows are updated in Google Sheets

Set up this integration to automatically generate an order in Ordermate as soon as a new row is created or updated in a specified Google Sheets spreadsheet. This Zap lets you order an inventory item as soon as that item is updated on a Google Sheet.

Create Ordermate orders when trigger phrases are spoken to Amazon Alexa

Use this template to automatically buy Amazon items via Ordermate every time a specific trigger phrase is spoken to Amazon Alexa. When setting up the integration, you'll be able to choose your trigger phrase, like "Order Tide Pods."

Create orders with Ordermate from new orders in ShipStation

Set up this integration to trigger an ordermation to run on Ordermate when new orders are created in ShipStation. Automatically buy items from Amazon and other retailers with Ordermate right from ShipStation!

Create orders in Ordermate from new events in Google Calendar

Perfect for Airbnb users needing to automatically restock their inventory by linking your booking calendar to Zapier and triggering a new order automatically from Amazon with Ordermate.

Create orders in Ordermate for new persons matching filters in Pipedrive

Do you love to spoil your favorite clients? You can now automatically send them a gift with Ordermate when they match a certain filter in Pipedrive. Set up the gift ordermation in Ordermate, and use this Zap to automatically fill in their address details and gift message to make this automation work for you.

How to Integrate Zapier and Ordermate

Create Accounts

Go to and and set up your accounts. Both of these apps are free to use.

Set Up Ordermate

  • In the Ordermate web app, go to “Retailers” on the left panel and authenticate your Amazon account.
  • Go to “Addresses” on the left panel and set up your default shipping address, billing address and payment card.

Add Your Product(s) to Ordermate

  • Go to “Products” on the left panel and add any products to your product list by copying the URL from Amazon and pasting it in Ordermate.

Create an Ordermation

An Ordermation is a shopping cart template where you can set up one or multiple products to automatically be reordered and shipped at the time and place of your choosing.

  • Set up your first Ordermation by going to “Ordermation” on the left panel and start adding the products from retailers like Amazon to Ordermate.
  • On the top right corner you can add the products via “Add to Ordermation”.
  • You can set the quantity of products needed and the max price you’d like to pay on the products, then click “Review and Save”.
  • Choose a delivery address and payment card and “Save Ordermation” Remember, your billing and shipping addresses and payment cards can be dynamically changed within Zapier and other integrations.

Build a Zap in Zapier

Zapier is a free tool that will allow you to create automations and triggers that integrate directly with Ordermate. Zaps are incredibly versatile and can be set up to monitor things like length of time, calendar dates, survey submissions and much more. Zapier will be set up to trigger Ordermate to run the Ordermation you created in Ordermate to buy the selected products and programmatically ship directly to any address.

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