Automate Your Manual
Buying Process

Ordermate allows you to make automatic orders from Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. No more tedious buying of the same item over and over. Simplify your life with Ordermate.

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The Automated Buying App for #nocode Users

Ordermate allows you to automate repetitive, error-prone manual ordering from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Unlimited Order Templates

We call these Ordermations. Convert a repetitive order into an ordermation to save time and automate.

Smart Product Selection

Simply paste in the URL for the product you want to order and it's saved in your account for auto-ordering.

Advanced Ordering Engine

Set maximum order prices. Choose shipping methods. Pay with gift card balance or card. Send gift messages. And much more!

#NoCode Integrations

Connect Ordermate to your other apps. Order on autopilot with our #nocode Zapier & IFTTT integrations.

Simple API

A simple and RESTful API offers an easy way to trigger orders via integration into your exciting platform or apps.


Add callbacks to your automations so your system gets notified when orders are made.

A Streamlined Buying Process

Put your ordering process on autopilot by triggering saved ordermations.

Step 1:

Add Products

Add products from your favorite online retailers like Amazon and Walmart (many more con the way) by simply pasting the product URL. With the power of our smart product selector, Ordermate will find your product and save it for future use.

Example of adding a product in ordermate
Step 2:

Create Ordermations

Ordermations are like a shopping cart template. You choose the product(s) you want to buy, set price limits, choose payment type, and shipping address. Save this Ordermation for easy rebuying of the same product(s) over and over.

Example of creating an ordermation
Step 3:

Trigger an Order

Use the Ordermate built in triggers like buying multiple products at the push of a button or on custom schedules. Want a more powerful #nocode solution? Link up to the apps you already use with Zapier for endless trigger customization.

An example of creating a zapier trigger to make an order
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Zapier Integration

Unlock the power of automated ordering with our #nocode Zapier integration that lets you trigger orders from hundreds of different apps.