Trigger a purchase using NFC Stickers

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June 2021

Use Ordermate and NFC Stickers to quickly trigger a reorder on occasionally used items.

Trigger Ordermation using NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags

Ready to transform your shopping errands into automated bliss?

We’ve got the solution for you.

As Near Field Communication (NFC) tags become increasingly popular, there's a growing list of creative ways you can incorporate them into your routine to simplify your life.

NFC tags work directly with Ordermate to make automated ordering a breeze. No more running out of those sporadically used items that always seem to be out when you need them.

Read on for inspiration on how to automate ordering products with merely a quick phone hover over the tag.

If you aren’t familiar with NFC tags, here’s a quick breakdown of how they work. NFC tags are programmable stickers that give you the ability to simplify tasks with one quick tap. The tags can be used in a variety of ways to help streamline a number of tasks in your life. NFC tags only work for the person who sets up the automation, which makes them ideal for more secure ordering— the order will only trigger if your phone taps the tag. After the automation is set up, simply hover your phone over the sticker and the data will quickly be sent to your phone and instantly begin the programmed action. By integrating a NFC tag with Ordermate, you can program the action to buy a particular item, in our case pellets for the BBQ, simply by hovering your phone over the sticker. Place the tag next to a nearby location, like on your outdoor BBQ to quickly reorder the pellets before you run out. No more last minute trips to the grocery store on grilling night.

NFC tags only work for the person who sets it up on that device. Only work when your phone touches that tab, more secure ordering.

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