Automate Inventory Reorders from Spreadsheet

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July 2021

Create reordering links in spreadsheet apps like airtable and Google Sheets to quickly reorder supplies automatically.

Many businesses, like ours, rely on inventory automation to streamline fulfillment and keep supplies in stock at all times. A few simple automations can save you tons of time and energy, while still allowing you the control to actively manage the reordering process.

We've got a quick tutorial to show you how we're automating ordering supplies from a spreadsheet. In our case, we use Airtable, which is a great cloud based data management software that can handle all of your team's needs.

For one of our companies called Smash Mobile Rage Room, we keep an updated spreadsheet to monitor supply count of items like utility knives, markers, protective eyewear, etc. We rent these rage room kits out and when they’re returned after the event, there may be a few missing supplies that need to be restocked. This makes it hard to determine how fast we go through some of these supplies. For example, if the protective eyewear from the kit doesn't get returned, we have to replace them with a new pair.

To automate this process, we've built out an Airtable spreadsheet with an itemized list of each supply provided in the Smash kit along with a corresponding Ordermation using Ordermate. As we need to replenish certain items, we either manually trigger the Ordermation via Airtable to instantly reorder from the spreadsheet or the items can be reordered via unique QR code stickers that we've created for each product at our fulfillment center. Our team can quickly pull out their phone and scan the custom QR code for the item and instantly trigger the Ordermation to directly order and ship the item to the fulfillment center.

Watch the short video tutorial above for step-by-step instructions on how to automate supply reordering with Ordermate.

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