Automatically Make Orders by Scanning a QR Code

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June 2021

Trigger an Ordermation from QR Codes using this genius hack

Ready to save yourself from a few hours of frustration each week by setting up automated ordering? Here's how.

What is a QR Code? 🥴

QR (Quick Response) codes are a convenient way to instantly connect anyone with a phone handy to a quick action. By now you’ve probably spotted a QR code or two in restaurants and shops around town. In the recent months QR codes have become more popular than ever thanks to their ability to offer touchless access to things like menus, site links, forms, etc.

What is an Ordermation?

An Ordermation is like a shopping cart template that you can save in your Ordermate account. You choose the product(s) you want to buy, set price limits, choose payment type, and shipping address. Save Ordermations for easy rebuying of the same product(s) over and over. Ordermation information can be overridden when triggered via our API or integrations like Zapier.

How do QR Codes work with Ordermate?

If you aren't familiar with how QR Codes work, here's a quick rundown. They work similarly to a traditional barcode by allowing your smartphone to read the unique pattern of the code to instantly bring up a site link. Ordermate will generate a custom QR code for each ordermation to make reordering products quick and easy. Just head to the ordermation in your account and click the two arrows on the right to generate and download the unique QR code for the order.

One of the best things about QR codes is that they can be set up to be used in a variety of creative ways, many of which that can help streamline your internal systems and help make ordering a breeze.

In short, you simply can set up a QR code that is linked to a particular Ordermation. Once that QR code is scanned, it will automatically trigger an order and save you loads of time!

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