Automate Gifting to Customers with Ordermate

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April 2021

Automate gifting from Amazon to your customers. Link Ordermate to your CRM and automate gifting when certain triggers happen.

Sending a small token of your appreciation to your clients is a great way to elevate your customer service and can quickly turn a first time client into a repeat client simply by thanking them for partnering with you.

However, managing the client gifting workflow can quickly become overwhelming when you have to consistently order, draft a thank-you note and ship a gift. The idea of gifting clients usually becomes an afterthought and there’s a missed opportunity. We have a simple solution that will save you time and brain space to get you back to focusing on the bigger parts of your business.

How It Works

Using Zapier, Ordermate and your go to survey app (Jotform, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Ask Nicely, etc) you can seamlessly automate your customer gift giving process.

We’ve paired Ordermate and our survey app, JotForm with Zapier to create a way to buy a gift whenever something specific in our CRM happens. In our case, everytime a client fills out an online survey in JotForm, the book Better Together by Simon Sinek automatically ships to them, marked as a gift on Amazon, and includes a custom message with their name and a note thanking them for partnering with us. We used to manage this manually, but now with Ordermate it’s completely automated.

Here are a few additional apps that can seamlessly be paired with Ordermate to set up automated gift giving:

Automatically send a gift to a client when a deal is "won" in Pipedrive.

When a client is tagged with a custom tag in Salesforce, automatically send them a gift.

After a client submits a survey in SurveyMonkey, automatically send them a gift.

When a client submits a form in Typeform, automatically send them a gift.
When a new entry is added to AirTable, automatically send them a gift.

Sending small token of your appreciation can go a long way in building client relationships and loyalty. Once you've got a few simple gift ideas nailed down, use Ordermate to create a streamlined gift giving process, so you can thank your clients without spending too much time.

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