Automate Airbnb Supply Ordering

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April 2021

Put your AirBNB supply ordering on autopilot by using Zapier triggers and Ordermate.

There are several factors that go into creating the perfect customer experience for your AirBnB guests, one of which is keeping essential supplies stocked and readily available for your guests upon arrival. Unfortunately, tracking inventory and replenishing AirBnB supplies, like soaps, paper towels and cleaning supplies, is one of those tedious tasks that you’ll have to stay on top of as long as you’re renting out your properties. The task becomes even more challenging when you factor in longer stays for some guests who may need more supplies during their stay or quick turnaround between check-ins/outs where essentials need to be replenished immediately before the next guest arrives. 


We know that this aspect of owning an AirBnB can quickly become a headache, especially if you manage multiple rental properties. We’ve combined the Ordermate app (free) and the Zapier app (free) that will easily save you hours a month on time spent managing your AirBnB listing. 

Setting up your AirBnb Supply Automation

Set up Zapier to monitor your AirBnb for the number of rental nights of your choosing and when the threshold is hit, Ordermate will automatically order your AirBnB supplies from Amazon and ship directly to your door. This is a simple solution that you can set up once and forget, that will make AirBnB hosting more efficient and automated. 


Ordermate + Zapier

Go to and and set up your accounts. Both of these apps are free to use. 

Create an Ordermation

An Ordermation is a shopping cart template where you can set up one or multiple products to automatically be reordered and shipped at the time and place of your choosing. 

  • Set up your first Ordermation by going to “Ordermation” on the left panel and start adding the products from retailers like Amazon to Ordermate. 
  • On the top right corner you can add the products via  “Add to Ordermation”. 
  • You can set the quantity of products needed and the max price you’d like to pay on the products, then click “Review and Save”.
  • Choose a delivery address and payment card and “Save Ordermation”  
Set up your first Ordermation.

Set up your AirBnB calendar

Log into your AirBnB account, make sure you’re in the “hosting panel”. 

  • Go to “Listings” then “Availability”, near the bottom choose “Export Calendar”
  • Copy & Paste the calendar link.
  • Log into your Google Calendar account and add the URL to “Other Calendars” on the left panel.  

Build a trigger in Zapier

After you set up your trigger in Zapier, the Ordermation will automatically run and purchase your selected items and ship to your door. 

  • On the left panel click “Make a Zap”
  • New Event in Google Calendar: In the “Search Apps” search bar, find the “Google Calendar” trigger. Anytime a new AirBnB rental gets added to the calendar, the trigger will go into effect.  
  • Choose App & Event: Under “Trigger Event” choose “New Event”, then “Continue”. 
  • Choose Account: authenticate your Google account by searching and adding your account from the search bar, then “Continue”. 
  • Set up Trigger: Link up your AirBnB calendar, then “Continue”.  
Connect your Airbnb calendar to your new Zapier trigger to create the automation.

Add an Action in Zapier

  • Choose App & Event: Add the action Storage by Zapier” 
  • Action & Event: Under the Action & Event tab, choose “Increment Value”, then “Continue”. 
  • Increment Value: You’ll need to create a new account, then “Continue”. 
  • Set up Action: For the “Key” label it as “Nights”. For the “Increment Amount” choose “Duration (hours)”, then “Continue”.  
Setting up the Zap that will trigger the Ordermation after a set number of stays.

Add Another Step to your Action

  • In “Search Apps” find “Filter by Zapier” 
  • Filter Setup & Testing: Only Continue if “Nights” “(Number) Greater than “number of hours of nights”
  • Choose App & Event: Action Event- “Set Value”  Choose “AirBnB Duration Storage”, then “Continue” 
  • Choose Account: Key choose “Nights”, for Value choose “0”, click “Continue”. 
  • Add the Ordermate: Add “Ordermate” for Action Event, “Create an Order”, then “Continue”. 
  • Set Up Action: Find your Ordermation that we set up earlier in Ordermate, then “Continue” 
  • Test: Note that if you test the Zap now, it will trigger the Ordermation through Ordermate. 
  • Turn on your Zap: Flip the toggle to “Zap is On” 
480 hours is a duration of 20 nights.
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